Past Events

Kirinyaga & Embu County (NIIMS Monitoring)

President Uhuru Kenyatta on January 22, 2019, issued a directive that all Kenyans be digitally registered by the government and issued with a Huduma identification number. To meet this directive all Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries were directed to monitor the activity. In this regard, PS Paul Maringa undertook a random inspection in Kirinyaga County. […]

Past Events

Supplies Branch – Successful Bidders Issued with Notification Letters

Arch S. K. Muli, Chief Architect, State Department for Public Works standing in for PS, Prof Paul Maringa giving one of the successful bidders her letter of notification at Works Building. About 1,000 bidders were to be issued with the letters on this day and a further 500 would get them the next day. Bidders […]

Past Events

Proposed Shambani footbridge brings joy

In Isiolo County. The proposed site for Shambani footbridge in Burat Ward. Present were Hon MCA Yarow for Burat, Hon. MCA for Bulapesa Hon. Idris Hassan, CES Eng. H. J. N. Nyaanga , local leaders, County Commander of Prisons Hassan Wako. Local were in the process of constructing a makeshift log bridge in anticipation of […]

Past Events

Pre-tender site visit at Likoni Fish Landing site

Pre- tender site visit at Likoni Fish Landing site on 28/03/2019 led by the Chief Structural Engineer for the State Department of Public Works, Engineer Nyaanga. Proposed original site has been given to other people after a successful petition to the National Land Commission. A new site was proposed by the CEC Fisheries in Mombasa. […]


Site inspection of Mama Ngina Water Front

PS Paul Maringa carried out a site inspection of the Mama Ngina Water Front project and assessed the progression of the works which are due to be completed by June 2019. The scope of the works include creating two unique gateways into the site, an outdoor amphitheater, a symbolic tower, paved pathways, lush gardens and […]