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Official PS Report on Collapsed Building in Malindi

Arising out of the collapsed building in Malindi I visited this site and did an interview with media outlets. I had dispatched the National Construction Authority (NCA) & National Building Inspectorate (NBI) earlier on to the site.

PS Maringa at the scene of the collapsed building

Below are summarized highlights:
NCA suspended the project last year on 18/8/2017 due to non compliance I.e project was not registered by NCA, poor workmanship, no professionals involved, lack of health and safety signs on site, lack of accredited workers etc. At the time of suspension it was at 6th floor. It has been dormant until few weeks ago when the works resumed and it has collapsed upon adding an extra floor. The development is Proposed Palm Heights

23 rescued earlier on in the morning & 3 in the afternoon. I was there in time to rescue the last one as shown on the images above. 2 are critically injured and in hospital. Below are the videos taken during the rescue.

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