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Supplies Branch – Successful Bidders Issued with Notification Letters

Arch S. K. Muli, Chief Architect, State Department for Public Works standing in for PS, Prof Paul Maringa giving one of the successful bidders her letter of notification at Works Building. About 1,000 bidders were to be issued with the letters on this day and a further 500 would get them the next day.

Bidders anxiously waiting to know whether their bids were successful or not in the 12th floor boardroom, Works Building today. 1,500 bidders this year tendered their bids to supply all government ministries with common user items.

Peter Kibunja, a supply chain management officer at the State Department for Public Works reading out the names of the bidders’ companies today. He was issuing notification letters to bidders.

The issuance of notification letters to bidders entered the second and last day today at Works Building, the State Department for Public Works headquarters. Bidders gathered in the building’s 12th floor boardroom. Successful bidders will have an opportunity to do business with the government for the next two years with regard to supply of common user items. Randomly interviewed bidders expressed their satisfaction with the manner in which the exercise was conducted. They noted it was done publicly and transparently leaving no room for mischief.The SDfPW among other functions is charged with the responsibility of coordination of procurement of common user items for all government ministries in the country.

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