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Consultative Forum on the National Urban Development Policy (NUDP)

CS & PSs
“The economic and social future of Kenya depends on us making our towns work. This can be achieved through commitment, enthusiasm and access to opportunities to all Kenyans.” The Cabinet Secretary for Land, Housing and Urban Development Prof. Kaimenyi said this during the Consultative Forum on the National Urban Development Policy (NUDP) held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

Forum Delegates

The CS further added that the State Department of Housing and Urban Development will join hands with the County Governments in order to achieve the key objectives towards implementing the Urban Development Policies.
The NUDP illustrates different responsibilities that National and County governments will play in guiding sustainable urban transition and development in Kenya. On that premise, the coordination and consultation across the two tiers of government and across counties is crucial for the successful formulation and implementation of the NUDP

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