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Geospatial Data Centre Handed Over

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Spatial data plays a vital role in developmental activities, whether natural resource management or Socio-Economic development. Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) facilitate access, sharing and dissemination of spatial data necessary for complex decision-making processes of the future. The users, suppliers and value adders
to spatial information are increasing every day with diversity of applications aimed at harnessing the economic potential locked in spatial data (UNCEA, 2001). The framework that facilitates, coordination, exchange, accessibility and sharing of spatial data amongst users within the spatial community is spatial data infrastructure (SDI) (Crompvoets et al., 2004).
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On 11th March 2016, The State Department of Public Works formerly handed over Geo-Spatial Data Centre, which will house the spatial data infrastructure (SDI) among other functions. The Director of Survey Caesar Mbaria was on hand to take over the building on behalf of the State Department of Land.

Director of Survey Caesar Mbaria (center) being briefed by Arch. L. L. Kibisu (left), Ramesh Vaghjiyani looks on.

The project is a new administration block for the Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development’s unit called Survey of Kenya based in Ruaraka, Nairobi. The building will house 5000 square meters of office space comprising of office space, a conference hall, a lecture theatre, a Geotechnical Information Systems (GIS) lab, an open-air cafeteria, a state-of-the-art document and map press room, and basement storage area. The cost of the project is slightly under one billion Kenya shillings. The construction of the building was to take three years beginning in May 2011 and the completing on May 2014. The main contractor is Vaghjiyani Enterprises Ltd.

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