3 Replies to “Institute of Designers of Kenya Bill -2019

  1. This is an ill conceived bill that chooses to ignore among other things technological advancement, natural talent and the ability to be an independent operator in the creative industry echo system. There is no example of government having the best intention or and execution of any training or any sustainable model to improve the business environment in the creative sector. This feels like an attack, a sad attempt to legislate what you clearly do not understand or have invested in. This has grown through the works of independent contractors. Who came up with this bill? This is a sham and shameful attempt by a few to try and own a sector they don’t even understand.

  2. This bill hasn’t motioned anything regarding how it’s going to promote it’s members and chooses to leave out self taught designers who have greatly participated in the creative sector. This country gives everyone the freedom of art and you are going contrary to that freedom by giving penalties to folks who want to make money with their design. Artists are justified by their work not their certificates because those certificates themselves may be frauds.

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